The Attic 

where you store all the stuff you just can't quite throw out...


1. Jeremy and Jennifer were wed June 21. Here is the link to my Webshots pix.  Now there are a plethora of Mrs. Blosses in Mo. 
2. Some Real Estate Pix here - also see www.oldhouses.org 
3. OOH, here's a fun pix of me from 'way back when!  Here's some Genealogy of me!
4. Why can't Wally hear? Because my high range hearing is damaged.   See here for the actual Audiologist exam
5. Two Graduations - Most Recent is Jeremy S. Bloss on May 19, 2002 from MU  and before that Jason A. Birr from The University of Florida, May 4, 2002
6. Click here for some Christmas 2002 and New Year's pictures.
7. If you want the old home page (why??), click here
8. Click HERE for more pix from our May, 2002 Florida Trip!
9 An old front page HERE