A whole lot more of Brisbane, Australia Rotary International Convention Pix here


Leecia, Mun Mun and Wally. Ramona Cavanaugh aka Mun Mun is an aboriginal aritst and the Creator of the featured poster above. We cought a signed and numbered print - number #32 (for club 32!) Aboriginal dancers at the convention center Banner welcoming Rotarians and using the theme poster images

Fireworks with aboriginal stick figures

I'll need it!

Gum tree at night - eerie!

Driving on the left - glad the bus took us everywhere! An inspiring opening ceremony - horses flag and heart throbbing music

I only watched the surfers

Dinner at a kebab place on South Bank

Recent Theme Banners

Tech crew at work...

Surf's almost up - view from our window

Simultaneous translation frequencies

Wally's foot in the Tasman sea of the Pacific Ocean

Cuddly Koala

Quantas Airlines was great - 17 hours in a plane!

The Hotel key turned the lights on


More pix are on-line at my webshots site: HERE.