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Fiscal year 2002/2003 

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President Bob Crouch files his final report for his year:

June 24, 2003

Dear Rotary Friends:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your service during the past year to our club, our local community and to the world at large.

You have made particularly significant contributions to the development of the youth of the world through the sponsorship of scholarships, the collection of shoes for Orphans in Russia, contributions to Polio Plus and support of local youth organizations. You have helped make life better for the children at Pickett School through hospitality and the contribution of special playground equipment. You have helped communicate Rotary principles to young people of the community through the Interact Club, 4 Way test contest, and Students in Government Day.

You have provided financial support to community organizations that must have it to function, and you have made financial contributions to the programs of the Rotary International Foundation. Financial aid contributed and directed by Club 32 during the past year exceeded $50,000, including the value of the Ambassadorial Scholarship that we sponsored.

The financial service you have rendered is significant and it is important to remember that a contribution of money is a contribution of time. You have also made substantial contributions of your time and talent in support of Rotary service. Although the contribution of your time canít adequately be valued, it is the foundation of Rotary Service. I have heard it said that Club 32 members serve with their checkbooks, but fall short when it comes to personal service. This is not true. The number of Club 32 service projects that require a significant investment of time is staggering. During the past year you have contributed thousands of hours in support of our club, our community and the furtherance of world peace and understanding. Rotary International president for the year now ending, Bhichai Rattakul, has asked us to "Sow the Seeds of Love" in the world. You have done this well.

I have included a "Service Report" for our club for the fiscal year now ending below. Please read it. It documents the many ways that Club 32 Rotarians have served during the past year. On the lower right hand section of the report, I have included a listing of ways in which we have provided personal service during the year. The list isnít complete, but it is extensive. Because your contributions of time and talent canít be valued I have reported them as priceless.

I want to thank each of you for the things you have done to make the world better in the past year. I also want to thank you for your help, and the honor of allowing me to be of service to you during this period.

I remain yours in Rotary,

Bob Crouch

President 2002-2003


                       St. Joseph Rotary Club 32

Service Report

 Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/03

 Funds Used for Service  
 Youth--Development of the next generation  
 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship  $    25,000.00
 St. Joseph Rotary Club Scholarships and Awards Lunch          5,187.50
 Shoes for Orphan Souls          3,002.00
 Playground equipment at Pickett School          1,048.00
 Boy scouts          1,000.00
 Girl scouts          1,000.00
 Polio Plus             866.50
 Junior Achievement             500.00
 Pickett School--Program             440.45
 Student Government Day             399.35
 Rotary Youth Leadership Camp             350.00
 ROTC Saber Award             260.00
 4 Way Test             150.00
 Total investment in youth  $ 39,203.80
 World Peace and Understanding  
 Donations to RI Foundation  $      6,490.00
 Brazil Group Study Exchange             301.62
 Total investment in world peace and understanding  $   6,791.62
 Financial Support to Our Community  
 United Way  $      1,500.00
 Salvation Army          1,000.00
 Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art             500.00
 Allied Arts Fund             500.00
 Career Nursing Awards Banquet             769.63
 Total investment in the community  $   4,269.63
 Total financial support to youth, world and community  $ 50,265.05
 Sources of Funds for Service  
 Weekly raffle and fines  $      2,255.25
 Trip Raffle          3,892.00
 Member contributions        10,962.97
 Scholarship assessment          5,400.00
 Club operating surplus          1,800.00
 Other             954.83
 Total local fundraising


 Support from the Rotary Foundation        25,000.00
 Total Funds Used for Service  $ 50,265.05
 Personal Service--Contribution of Time and Talent
 Service to the Club  
 Program committee  Priceless
 Birthday and valentine parties  Priceless
 Song leaders  Priceless
 Greeters   Priceless
 Invokers  Priceless
 Officers, directors and Foundation board  Priceless
 Foundation Bylaws  Priceless
 Fellowship, smiles and handshakes  Priceless
 Service to youth,  community and the world  
 Interact club  Priceless
 Salvation Army bell ringing  Priceless
 Salvation Army school supply distribution  Priceless
 Hospitality for Group Study Exchange Team  Priceless
 Award for Excellence Judges  Priceless
 4 Way Test Judging  Priceless
 Career Nursing Program  Priceless
 Pickett School Program  Priceless
 Student Government Day   Priceless
 Shoe collection and packing  Priceless
 Winter clothing drive  Priceless
 Service by Club members in community affairs  Priceless



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