Welcome to my web site!

This is the OLD first page...for posterior sake ... oops I said that wrong.

Hi. This is Wally working on the web site...I am learning about Front Page

The site is being updated every few days...Most of the kid's pix pages are done, I put stuff into the Interests section, and Leecia's St Joseph Telegraph columns, etc.

Starting with a page for each kid...go to Photo Album

The banners are very tacky - but allow me to monitor with Hitbox

You can send me an e-mail at home here: wbloss@swbell.net  or at work at wbloss@StJoeArts.org 

My first e-mail was wbloss@Delphi.com   -   they were the first to port to the Internet - all character based Gopher, etc, 

Leecia and Autumn share a giggle at the Albrecht-Kemper for Breakfast with Stana Claus
Leecia and Wally Bloss

Don't they look silly?

A Happily costumed couple for Del and Joyce's Halloween party 2001