St Joseph Area Scanner Frequencies - and towers

The information below is the result of 30+ years of scanning.  See rig and shack info below:

NEW: See Trunked section at bottom

and click HERE for Tower pix - about 200 photos of radio towers in St Joseph

See below for new MHP Frequencies due Sept 2004



Can you identify these?? (hint - see the hyperlinks!)


City/County Services
The City of St. Joseph currently operates with two major systems. PD and FD are on 460 MHz repeaters, and a 800 MHz Trunked system. Originally beginning with 5 frequencies, added one more, then later two more. County operations generally on VHF, with small use of the 800 MHz Trunk.  Here are FD/PD/EMS: 

The Basics:


Use Callsign Service Comments
460.150 City of St. Joseph Police Dept F1            pl 179.9 KBF450 PW Dispatch and Ops
460.200 City of St. Joseph Police Dept F2              pl 210.7 KBF450 PW Run plates
460.225 City of St. Joseph Police Dept F3 Simplex  pl 173.8 KBF450 PW Sensitive info
465.225 Detectives F1, fka F4;  City of St. Joseph PD;  Simplex  Not licensed?

Car to Car, for Detectives, special events, etc. Only 20 radios have it.

460.600 City of St. Joseph Fire Dept F1              pl 114.8 KAH380 PW Dispatch & Ops
460.625 City of St. Joseph Fire Dept F2 EMS KAH380 PW EMS only
460.050 City of St. Joseph Fire Dept F3 Simplex KAH380 PW HH, scottpacks, fireground
462.975 Heartland Hospital Ambulance Dispatch WPMB408 PW Ops on Med Ch 1 - 10 (You know 463.0, 025, etc)

Note: Most medical emergencies will be dispatched by the FD and an EMS crew sent by the FD. At the same time Heartland Hospital will dispatch an Ambulance to the same incident - they usually give better information as to the nature of the call. Kinda duplicative. 

LEC Top Extreme Closeup from W 2.jpg (819993 bytes) Click on the pix at left

The City of St. Joseph's Trunked System

Virtually all other city services are found on the 800 MHz trunked system. It is a Motorola Type I analog system dating back to 1994.  Originally beginning with 5 frequencies: 856-860.4875, added one more in 855.3375 in 1997, in a deal with the Mo American Water Co. that had been using that frequency as a conventional single frequency for data. The callsign WPDC582 is heard hourly on mcw.  

In 1999 two more frequencies were brought into the system: 856.2375 and 857.2375. They are licensed to Buchanan County under the callsign WPMT932.  One of the original five, 858.4875, appears to be used exclusively as autopatch, and is not in the general rotation. One channel is the control - it moves at midnight. Some are VERY low use - or not used at all. I am conducting a full review and will post if there are a few not in use (855.3375 for example now seems NOT used).

The  SYSID is 362f

Here are the fleets and the Uniden ID's. Preset Fleet Map 8 on the BC780 aka E1P8 on the '245. There are some others assigned, but very few others heard on any sort of a regular basis. I have not included a few very sensitive fleet id's.  (Sorted by ID Number HERE) 
ID Used by/ Known as Use level
304-2 Airport Manager Low - day
304-1 Airport Ops Low - day
300-2 Animal Control Day & night: medium
407-1 Buchanan Co Hwy East Day - Medium
407-3 Buchanan Co Hwy West Day - Medium
308-1 Building Regulations Day - Medium
307-2 Bus Maintenance Day & night - Medium
307-1 Bus Operations Busy with pickups & deliveries of riders
303-1 City Wide Low
308-2 Code Enforcement Day - Medium
303-3 DSF Call Comm "F6" Low - mostly night
400-2 Golf Course Low
101-1 Housing Authority Low - day use
309-1 Juvenile Officer Low
200-1 Pager Low
400-1 Park Maintenance Busy!
600-6 Parking Patrol Low
600-4 Sewer Maintenance Low
600-2 Signal Lights Low
402-4 SJ Fire F1 Ported to 800 Same as 460.6 - Medium
309-2 SJ Police F1 Ported to 800 Same as 460.15 - busy
600-5 Street Maintenance Medium
600-8 Street Maintenance 2 Low
600-7 Street Managers Low
600-1 Streets dispatch Busy
600-3 Traffic Low
306-1 Trails West! (r) Low except 3rd Weekend in August!
401-1 Water Pollution Control Low


Buchanan County Sheriff 

The Buchanan County Sheriff's office patrols Buchanan County mainly using 154.755. There are two repeaters, North and South keyed by different ctcss tones.  The City and County currently jointly operate the Law Enforcement Center (LEC), with the County responsible for the jail contained therein. Jail operations can be heard on  155.79 - in a couple block radius of the LEC in Downtown St. Joe. The county has a bunch of other frequencies - listed below, but activity is sparse, if at all. Mostly car-to-car deputy talk is on 155.985. The Comm Center also dispatches county fire Departments on 151.25.
Frequency User Call FCC Status
151.250 Buchanan Co Fire Dept's  ROP WPJR467 PW heard
154.160 Buchanan Co Fire Dept's Simplex WPJR467 PW heard
154.755 Buchanan Co Sheriff ROP F1 Busy dcs315 KAB461 PW heard
155.370 Buchanan Co Sheriff Point-to-point KAB461 PW heard
155.475 Buchanan Co Sheriff Mutual Aid KAB461 PW heard
155.580 Buchanan Co Sheriff - low use KAB461 PW FCC web
155.730 Buchanan Co Sheriff Net KAB461 PW heard
155.790 Buchanan Co Jail/marshals/bailiffs  KAB461 PW heard
155.910 Buchanan Co Sheriff IP to 154.755 KAB461 PW heard
155.985 Buchanan Co Sheriff Simplex - car to car KAB461 PW heard
156.030 Buchanan Co Sheriff  Low use KAB461 PW FCC web
158.865 Buchanan Co Sheriff  Low use KAB461 PW FCC web
158.985 Buchanan Co FD's IP to 151.25 WPJR467 PW heard
159.090 Buchanan Co Sheriff low use KAB461 PW FCC web
453.400 Buchanan Co Sheriff (never heard) KAB461 PW FCC web
458.400 Buchanan Co Sheriff (never heard) KAB461 PW FCC web


WRDCC (aka the State Prison) 

Since the flood of 1993 there has been a state prison in St. Joseph, on the grounds of the former "State Hospital." It is named the Western Reception Diagnostic and Correction Center, WRDCC - but everyone else just calls it "the prison." It houses 2,000+ prisoners.  It has several frequencies on a low power repeater system - which can be heard for a couple of  miles. (The prison is about 2 blocks from "The Belt" - the major shopping strip in the city.)  While they now use the call sign WPMD444, only the VHF frequency shows up in FCC records with that call sign...none of the UHF frequencies appear on this license or any other in Missouri. Hmmm...wonder if that's illegal? Click here for pix, or here for closeup

155.67000 WRDCC Prison Mobiles
453.33750 WRDCC Prison
453.43750 WRDCC Prison
453.46250 WRDCC Prison - Maintenance
460.01250 WRDCC Prison
460.52500 WRDCC - Prison Perimeter

Missouri Western State College

Mo West or MWSC is the local State College on the Eastern side of town - it abuts I-29.   They have a number of frequencies but only one is active 24/7 the security/PD system. IMC is the Instructional media center

154.600 MWSC - Roof to Master Control - low use WPGW504 IG
453.225 MWSC PD F1 WNRB877 PW
453.600 MWSC Engineering Tech (not heard) WNRB877 PW
453.825 MWSC F2 Maintenance WNRB877 PW
219.0125 MWSC - Audience response handheld keypads    IMC - Coordinated by the Personal Communications group Pending IG


Mo State Highway Patrol

42.40 Troop H NEW LICENSED FREQUENCY Jan 2004 - use not confirmed yet - see below Hiway_Patrol_top_crop.jpg (336677 bytes)  Click above for bigger photo
42.58 Troop H Base - St Joseph - calls Cars
42.78 Troop H Mobile - calls base and mobile to mobile
42.02 Air ops and occasional car to car chit chat
456.275 Mobile relay - Quitman to St. Joe - Fixed relay, Beams to SJ Troop H from NORTH, PL6A 173.8Hz 
456.225 Mobile relay - Polo to St. Joe - Fixed relay, Beams to SJ Troop H from from EAST, PL6A 173.8 Hz


There's changes afoot with the Mo SHP.

Here is what's slated to happen in September 2004 according to informed sources:

42.00 - Air-to-Ground (Moving to 42.04?) 42.12 (B) 42.32 (M) - Troop C/D/E/F 42.64 - Troop F
42.02 - Car-to-Car 42.14 - Troop C/D 42.82 - Troop B/F
42.06 (B) 42.22 (M) - Troop B/D/E 42.38 (B) 42.26 (M) - Troop A/C/G 42.86 - Troop B
42.06 (B) 42.24 (M) - Troop A/C 42.40 - Troop H 42.92 - Troop E
42.10 - Troop C/D 42.58 (B) 42.78 (M) - Troop H/I 42.94 - Troop A/E

Also in this new plan due Sept 2004:

154.665 - Troop C Tactical/Illinois SP D11 H-B Ops 154.680 - MTAC (Missouri Public Safety Tactical)
154.695 - F-BLUE S.E.R.T. Team/Tactical 154.905 - Extenders for 465.4375
154.920 - F-BLACK State Detectives/Tactical 154.935 - Tactical
155.370 - Point-to-Point (Bases Only) 155.475 - M.O.L.E.E.N. - Missouri Law Enforcement Emergency Net - Not Yet Used
155.730 - Missouri Statewide Sheriff's Network 158.970 - S.E.R.T. Team
 465.4375 - Extenders for 154.905  

Time will tell if this works this way!


Wireless Mikes, Fast Food Drive-up Windows and other weird things

Here is a list of these strange ones - if it radiates RF I want to log it!


Other Local Scanner Frequencies- the details

Here's the list of confirmed and heard - all sorts of business, etc 

Here's a Big List of stations heard in St Joe in the past and FCC assignments - not necessarily confirmed.

Nextel- good grief that have taken all the 800 MHz frequencies left in the city! Over 1000 lines of frequency/locations! BUT only a few of them are active. 


The Future is Trunked...(and 700 MHz)

There's more afoot...the city and county want to go together for a countywide multi million dollar 800 MHz trunked service. Here are the frequencies already assigned...but not really in use except for control buzzes and a few words. The "YES" vote by the people of the city of St Joseph in November, 2002 will provide the $4,000,000 to get it started. It will take as much as $10,000,000 to really cover the county, I predict. No details on rollout at this time...but informally they want it to be operational in 2005. There was talk of be some Air National Guard investment and use of the system, but it took too long and they are using their own repeater on 163.1 output...which has also been reported as a NOAA storm spotter frequency.

In Jan 2003 the new 800 MHz antennas appeared at the Law Enforcement Center (Sprint PCS), and 866.55 MHz began relaying SJ PD F1 (ported from 460.15)

Here's the frequencies assigned:

866.08750 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
866.18750 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
866.55000 Buchanan Co - trunk - Ports SJPD F1 @ 1/03 WPOZ590 YF
866.67500 Buchanan Co - trunk CWID Only WPOZ590 YF
866.95000 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
867.10000 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
867.35000 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
867.53750 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
867.75000 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
867.95000 Buchanan Co - trunk Control Buzz only WPOZ590 YF
868.16250 Buchanan Co - trunk Control Buzz Only WPOZ590 YF
868.38750 Buchanan Co - trunk Control Buzz only WPOZ590 YF
868.57500 Buchanan Co - Listed as interconnect - Control Buzz at 1/03 WPOZ590 YF
868.825 Buchanan Co - Trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF
868.96250 Buchanan Co - trunk NOT ACTIVE WPOZ590 YF

Transmit sites are slated for several places in the city and county including:

1720 S 16th Street in St Joseph 2KM E OF JCT HWY 59 & 45 in Rushville 100 W KING HILL DR in St Joseph
.5KM S OF JCT AMAZONIA & MAXWELL RD in NW St Joseph .3KM N OF JCT HWY 169 & I29 N in St Joseph .3KM NE OF JCT STATE RD E & H in Agency


Just fyi, here's the lineup in my shack, etc:

The big one BC780xlt Trunktracker III - 

I love Andy's program!


BC245 Trunk Tracker II Radio Shack PRO 60
BC760xlt - my wife's It's a 2005 - only sold for a short while - in service since 1986. Snip! :-) BC 250 - 25 years old - 50 channels - sits on top of the fridge and works great!
What's next? - What's that wide band scanner with TV - might be fun to look at 2400 MHz sigs...
My 4 bander IC-T81A ham rig has VHF and UHF wideband scan also BC-140 at my office
Current scanners in the shack/office/home/car above - many others over a 30 year time period. First was a Radio Shack Pro 7 - with 8 crystals. First programmable was a Tennelec TCP-1 - 16 channels and 16 binary codes entered per frequency - had to look them up is a big book.


Midwest Mobile Radio is the larger two way shop in the city. As a Motorola dealer, it has many frequencies in a LTR and the next steps in Passport trunking LTR technology.  They began with several community repeaters, and have kept up changing over to trunking technology on UHF. You'll see their names in many of the listings...they do most of the work in town. Haug communications is the new guy in town and has Kenwood plus some Motorola 2-way, wireless Internet and paging etc. 


Here's the link to the FCC licenses - you can look 'em up yourself!


Any other ideas?

73  Wally WB0BAV



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