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Some Radio Stuff:   Radio Towers of St. Joseph, Mo  Click here for almost 200 photos of local radio towers - WOW! 

Wally and Leecia attended to the Rotary International Convention in Brisbane, Australia in June of 2003! Here's a few pix, more below!

Leecia and Wally review the schedules. A whole lot more of Brisbane, Australia Rotary International Convention Pix here

We met Ramona "Mun Mun" Cavanaugh - the aboriginal artist that created the official poster - and bought a limited edition print!

  I was the  President! of the St Joseph Rotary Club - club 32. 2003-2004 year.

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The Calm before the storm...Christmas 2004 4 Small Grouchos!
In the Summer the Blosses get into their thesbic mode. Jeremy Bloss in his second play in 3 months, Jennifer Bloss in her first play;  along with Autumn George and Leecia Bloss in their summer play. So why isn't Wally acting? Hmmm...

Click HERE  for photos from 

A Salute to the Music We Love with Leecia Bloss & Autumn George

(nee' Autumn Birr)

and HERE for: Hello Dolly

with Leecia Bloss and her boys


Jeremy in the premiere of "The Klemperers New Clothes." More HERE

And WRF here