Photo Gallery

Tony Grove Camping Pix - 8/13-14, 2005


All set for Lunch

Is this a Chipmunk or a FAT squirrel with a short tail??

Our back yard at Campsite #19

Wally set up the new hammock - took a nice nap too!

What's with the gnarleys?

Normally this would be 5 or 6 feet under water - they drained the lake to make a better dam

This needs a good caption

Uhh...this probably needs to be censored

Tracks - not a deer - we saw lots of those.

Cute icebox (A real ice-box - put a big block of ice on top and it stays sort of cool)

We cooked the bacon inside - note the word game sentences on the appliances from the night before

B I G Tree

More Gnarlies

A scene we saw on a hike