Christmas and New Year's are over and everything's put away!  So here are some holiday pictures. 

Jeremy, Jennifer, Darcy and Kerrie on the left side of the Christmas + 1 (aka Dec 26) table
Tony, Jason, Autumn and Leecia on the right of the table. (Jacob was hanging nearby in his swing...but did not want to be pictured.)

Wally at the head of the table...with a silly look!?

Kerrie and Autumn play Cheetah Monsters under the table (why, I don't know...)
Tony gets a comb over....er I mean a comb-out....or maybe  a little attention from Autumn
Wally gets a DVD player...definitely NOT a tie! 

His kids are cool!

What does Jeremy have?????
Leecia feeds the hungry boy Jacob
Jason hangs out with Spot...both seem happy


More Christmas pix if you can stand them here