Darcy Pix!

You can e-mail her at Darcy@WallyBloss.com 

Miss Darcy Lin Bloss lives in Kansas City.

Miss Darcy's Senior picture - taken about July or August of 1993 - right?? And another And another
Grandpa Foerster took this portrait in  December of 1981 - what a cute smile!
Dear Darling Daughter Darcy in her chair at 2424 Faraon Darcy has many colors of hair Hi Kiddo!
Darcy had a nice OLD car - here she puts up the top for the last time It was a cool car but it was being weird and unfixable So she bought a newer Taurus from Mr. Crail's nice auto place in SJ
It has a nice flip thing in the console. She had Ebony for a while but he was old and died :-( She fixed muffins at 2424 during Easter 2001
Watch this space!
She us silly with her Brother Jeremy, Kira and Autumn at Easter 2001 She LOVES her brother Jeremy