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Wally & Leecia live in Logan, Utah!


570 North 1420 East BEFORE Pix Here


Fun Photos Plus

Dolly, Mikey and the new round Gazebo More gazebo - what's inside? Why it's a chandelier, of course!
Mikey - new to family 7/17/08 Mix of Jack Russell and Rat Terrier? Cache Valley's July 4th Cruise-In Parade

Jeremy and Jennifer Bloss -

 First to visit - March 20 2005

Second Blirr kid was Jason Birr

 Sept 16, 2005 -2nd visit due Aug 2008

Kira Birr was 3rd to visit -

Bear Lake Proof shot March 18. 2006


Round gazebo from other side Mikey on guard Can you find the geese?

Followed quickly by Kerrie Bloss on

March 27, 2006


Darcy made it Thanksgiving 2007! YAY

Tom Hanks @ Sundance, SLC, Jan 2008


As the Cook and the Butler in "10 Little Indians" August-Sept 2006


A Handsome grandparent couple - Nutcracker 2005


Hello Dolly~ the new addition to the family 8/3/06

Her "Safe place is under the dresser - she does good there overnight.


She's a West Highland Terrier aka Westie -

and a table decoration - NOT!


She used to be a Doctor's dog, but he had to give her up




BOINC version of SETI - Wbloss is now in BOINC here is info:


Wally ended SETI At Home "classic" with 30,895 workunits,

was ranked # 6354 in the world of over 5 million SETI chasers...but much better with BOINC stats.


Here are many other photo sets:


1 Tony Grove Pix HERE - (Some really interesting ones)

2 More Camper pix here

3 Phone Numbers in Cache Valley - here is a list of all the prefixes and what they belong to

4 First Pix of Leecia in the Old Lyric Repertory Company's summer 2005 run of  "You Can't Take It With You" are HERE

5 Pix from Jeremy and Jennifer March 2005 visit

6 Pix from Jason Birr's visit in Sept 2006

7 Pix from Kira Visit March 2006

8 Kerrie followed right along in late March 2006

9 Leecia got "the call" from Old Lyric - HELP! So she did Miss Lillie in Postmortem

10 A few shots of the Jan 2006 visit to New York

11 Some pix of 2 visits to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake UT

12  Pix from Ten Little Indians here

13 Pix from Logan Rotary people at Rotary International Convention June 2007 in Salt Lake here


More photos: click the links below:

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho


More Pix of our former Home in North Logan, Utah


Logan Utah Photos taken 11/19 and 11/20/04

Logan Rotary Jeep Ride 2006



 Brent Collins does some really exciting sculptural work.  He has just had a work from 1986 cast into bronze, then finished with a nickel finish. It is truly exquisite. See the simple snaps of this object at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, and some of his other works here

Darcy Bloss is the other half of the STARPUNCHER team. (Is she te star or the puncher?)  Click www.Starpuncher.com for their first web page.

You can send me an e-mail at home here: webbloss@wallybloss.com  

I have owned a number of domains. Some I have kept, some discarded, and some given or traded away. Click HERE for the list!

  I was the  President! of the St Joseph Rotary Club - club 32. for the 2003-2004 year.

Here are Past Presidents of Club 32, St Joseph MO, USA

For the 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 years I have been the District Scholarship Chair for District 5420 - Utah.

What is your Internet IP address? Here:

Here's where we live until late July 2007 - see the red truck in the driveway!


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