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Wally & Leecia now live in North Logan, Utah!


Phone Numbers in Cache Valley - here is a list of all the prefixes and what they belong to


Wally ended SETI At Home "classic" with 30,895 workunits!

Ranked # 6354 in the world of over 5 million SETI chasers.

That's more units than 99.8083% of ALL SETI at home users. WOW!


Here's pix from our camper's Maiden Voyage to Tony Grove, Utah in August 2005

Breakfast is served - using Kerrie's presents!

He got some leftovers

More Tony Grove Pix HERE - (Some really interesting ones)

More Camper pix here



Puzzlers of Cache County, Utah

A new twist on "The end is near?"

Unfortunately, these signs are correct

Never on a Sunday

Note the illuminated yellow sign above from Salt Lake City - it means yield to oncoming Trolley!


First Pix of Leecia in the Old Lyric Repertory Company's summer 2005 run of

"You Can't Take It With You" are HERE


Some before and after pix of the house!

Welcome to the World of White 5/05


Now Green - and oh yes OPENED UP! 6/05


A nice closed front room 5/05

See what's happenin' 6/05

A look down the hall

Now look into the Living Room!



More photos: click the links below:

Jeremy and Jennifer

first blosskids to visit


Dorothy flew over Kansas - All the way to Utah! - See her place

Logan Utah Photos taken

11/19 and 11/20/04


More Pix of our New Home in North Logan, Utah



 Brent Collins does some really exciting sculptural work.  He has just had a work from 1986 cast into bronze, then finished with a nickel finish. It is truly exquisite. See the simple snaps of this object at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, and some of his other works  here

Darcy Bloss is half of the STARPUNCHER team (Which half??).   Click www.Starpuncher.com for their first web page.

You can send me an e-mail at home here: webbloss@wallybloss.com  

I have owned a number of domains. Some I have kept, some discarded, and some given or traded away. Click HERE for the list!

  I was the  President! of the St Joseph Rotary Club - club 32.

Here are Past Presidents of Club 32, St Joseph MO, USA

2003-2004 year. For the 2005-2006 year and 2006-2007 I am be the District Scholarship Chair for District 5420.

Click here for George Denniston's site that I maintain - man can he take photos!!!

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 Cache Valley Arts Summit click here

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