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Some Early 3bk pix - see kid's pages for more by each

From Christmas 1981 - Jeremy on top of Kerrie with Darcy on the bottom Darcy, Kerrie and Jeremy at Christmas 1982

Pix from Trails West! 2002:

Kerrie, Jeremy, Darcy and Tony make signs     Jody Jones, (ok she has a new last name) Kerrie, Jeremy and Tony
Air Supply guy in crowd right in front of red haired Darcy and Blond Amy Meyer  - with Jason to the left

Our house appeared in the August, 2002 issue of Missouri Life - cool. Here are some pix taken by Julie Belschner

View of exterior 2424 Faraon St Leecia found an old stove and painted it up. Jeremy helped Wally load it Spot has his place in the sun - the pillow reads "Everyone needs a spot"
Good close-up of the hand stained glass The kitchen chrome table Good stuff
On the stairs with Spot Our (naked) Lady of Faraon Who is chasing whom?

Sundry stuff....

Leecia paints the fireplace:

Wally relaxes: (before the beard, and before the new couch upholstery)


Darcy and her daddy:

Kerrie's Father's day present:

Leecia at Darcy's place...








Wally was 54 in May 28, 2001 (don't catch his beard on fire!!!)


Sold this car for $500



Tony and Kerrie and phones (weird!)









Pose for Telegraph Column of Leecia

Nice Dining room Table for the SJ Preservation Inc Homes Tour 9/22/01


These are the great docents....first shift: Rachel, Carole, Coleen, Ann, Ina, Kathy and Cheryl


The Foyer - all cleaned up!