Two Recent Graduates:

A Tale of Two Graduations  - Most Recent is Jeremy S. Bloss on May 19, 2002 from MU YAY

Crazy Jeremy Jeremy can tie his shoes He pulls a wrench from Leecia's head while Judi watches
Front: Wally, Grandpa, Jeremy, Grandma, Tony, Leecia;

Back: Darcy, Judi and Kerrie

Judi, Jeremy and Wally Leecia, Jeremy and Wally
The lovebird graduates and fiancees Jeremy and Jennifer A Picture of a person taking a picture of Jeremy Zipped together!
Kerrie Jeremy and Darcy Jerm and Dar Where's Darcy? (OK so that's not a graduation pix)


Earlier we went to Gainesville, Florida for Leecia's son Jason's Master's Ceremony

Proud Mom and Jason before the commencement The graduate in his apartment. Note neat orange hood  - the official engineering color. Jason enters the Curtis M Phillips Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Florida May 4, 2002 

Jason sneaks by while Wally is changing batteries! Aargh! On his way out Jason is happy - I ARE A GRADUATE ENGINEER! Leecia gets in line for melted cheese refreshments in the 100 degree heat behind the CIA recruiter.