The Wallpaper Bee Crazy Quilt:


It all started when Leecia decided that she was tired of the dark painted green walls of the dining room:


  The "Before" picture.

Forget the fact that this is the 2nd coat of green paint that Wally applied...the first (before digital camera) was :"Just too GREEN"

Leecia says...I want to put up vines wallpaper...or flowered wallpaper...or some such. Wally says NO.

Storm clouds gather.

Thoughts swirl.

Wally goes out of town for a meeting.

An idea hatches from Norma and Anita and about a crazy quilt of wallpaper squares?

Wally returns home...he is outnumbered...and gets with the program.

A call goes out to many friends...bring your scraps of wallpaper - the odd lots of refuse and flotsam of prior projects, and they will live forever on the walls of the Bloss dining room.

June 16, 2001 comes and so do the women, their wallpaper scraps, and paper cutters, and Leecia hangs the first square:


Leecia on the ladder with the first square


Then a second team begins  GO KAY!!


Anita says: ooh this is all my fault  The crew at work                                   Norma directs the TV room crew
Willie likes it Anne keeps on cutting Donna handles the paper cutter
"Camera? What Camera," Robin purrs "Hmmm, not sure about this," Susan says Jane's cool with it
Ginny is happy to be away from Tom Karen pastes things liberally  A cool cat from Denise
The left side comes along Leecia plugs away Four rows on the arch at close of the workday


The work crew and their paperweight friend...thanks to all - including those who sent paper but could not be there that fateful day!

The men show up in time for dinner 

(burnt offerings from Wally's grill.)

Then later on Leecia finished the job...and what a good job she does!!

She does good work!

And that's the hunh?















why are you looking down here?