Wally pix and things:

Here's a Genealogy of me


Wally Bloss at Robidoux Row - where Leecia, Judi and he hosted the rehearsal dinner for Jeremy and Jennifer on June 20, 2003.

Cast of Little Mary Sunshine at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock, Mo circa 1968. I am the tall guy on left back with hat above forehead.

A Pix upon receiving the Barbershopper of the year from the Ponyexpressmen - about 1986??

Wally as a young lad - about 10? 

(1957 or so)

Why can't Wally hear? Because my high range hearing is damaged.   See here for the actual Audiologist exam

Maximum Wally ~ 2000

Recent Minimum Wally ~ 5/03

Wally helped out at Pumpkinfest 2001 

This pix appeared in the 10/12/01 News Press

Jackson looks over Wally's shoulder 

at the MWAA Art in the Park June 2001

New Car 7/3/01

and a new plate too!

And of course even tho he is 54 he ROCKS:

Here's Dad, Darcy and Leecia in Darcy's Apartment on Father's day 2001:

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keep it real...