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Cell Site Photos

Cell and other Radio towers of St. Joseph Mo - ya gotta love them!

These are big yummy photos, presented as thumbnails. Will take a while to load. Click the thumbnails for big pix! They are presented on two pages - this one is cell towers, and the other page is general communications.      Non-Cell towers CLICK HERE


Cell towers below - starting on the North side of St Joseph, and working South:            

1Cell Site Andrew Co Rt DD Verizon.jpg.JPG (1261977 bytes) 2Cell SIte Andrew Co Closeup Verizon Rt DD crop2.JPG (537318 bytes) 3Cell SIte Andrew CO Rt DD Signs.jpg (874953 bytes)
Verizon Site (Band A?)- an older one - just across the Buchanan Co line in Andrew County on Rt. DD Extreme close-up of antenna - no spiffy panel antennas - look at those radiation elements - with a bit of a downtilt Just in case you don't believe whose tower it is - with the call sign KNLG321 on the door!
4NW Cell Sites between Water Co.jpg (812474 bytes) 5vertCell SIte NW Water Co.JPG (1999583 bytes) 6Cell Site NW Water Co closeup.jpg (908629 bytes)
Two Cell sites across from each other on Rt K - near the Mo American Water new plant Here's the one closest to the Water Company - just W of Rt. K  FCC details HERE And a close up of the it - kinda paltry 
7Cell Site NW E of K Hwy.jpg (875178 bytes) 8Cell Site NW E of K Hwy closeup2.JPG (921224 bytes) 20Cell Site Cook Rd 1.jpg (834822 bytes)
This one is East of Route K - on the Right in the panorama above And a close-up...wonder why they did not go to the top? North of Cook Road is a sneaky cell site
21Cell SIte Cook Road 2.jpg (831749 bytes) 22Cell SIte Cook Rd 3.JPG (593827 bytes) 9VertTowers Haug 2.JPG (1779218 bytes)
You can hardly see this one from Cook Rd - have to go on via Green Valley Here's a close-up of the Cook Rd site Here's a long shot of the Haug Radio shop at I-29 and 71, looks like some cell there - FCC INFO HERE
10Towers Haug.jpg (775394 bytes) 11Cell Site Haug closeup.jpg (769903 bytes) 12Cell Site Green Acres N 2.jpg (741164 bytes)
A closer shot of the two Haug towers And a close-up of a cell on the tower. Haug has Kenwood, Motorola, paging, broadband wireless Internet etc. Here's a cell site on the former Green Acres retirement home site - until the home was closed, 5215 Green Acres Rd. It's just inside Buchanan County. Look Carefully at the top of the pole - FCC details here
13Cell site Green Acres chopped pole.jpg (951836 bytes) 14Cell Site nr KFEQ -AKA City site.jpg (940006 bytes) 15Cell site nr KFEQ closeup - AKA City site2.JPG (441099 bytes)
Funny story: the tower co wanted to put 2 sets of antennas at a taller height but Buchanan County said NO - so they just chopped off the top section. Looks silly! Now owned by AAT. FCC INFO HERE This site is East of I-29 on 169 but almost in line with Eagle Radio KFEQ's AM 680 towers across West of I-29. Also set up to be part of the City's 860 MHz system - but US Cellular is owner And a close-up of the site - the tower is vertical - the camera wasn't! FCC INFO HERE
16Cell Site Water tower nr Chris Hessler all.jpg (807367 bytes)   Cell Site Water Tower nr Chris Hessler crop.JPG (251746 bytes) 24Cell Site Frederick Tower all.jpg (760074 bytes)
Here's an older site on a water tower adjacent to I-29 just across from Chris Hessler Rd A bit closer look 25th & Frederick Ave

In the middle of town is Frederick Tower - an older dowdy office building that started out life as a hospital.

25Cell Site Frederick Tower.jpg (716295 bytes)Fred Tower Dec 03.JPG (833274 bytes) 26Cell Site Frederick closeup.jpg (780535 bytes) Fred Tower NEW ant Dec 2003.JPG (765068 bytes) Eagle Radio cell.JPG (922696 bytes)

          mid 2003 left  and Dec 2003 right.     25th and Frederick Ave.

Look at the difference - a new set on the right side - is this US Cellular?

25th & Frederick

Top of the elevator section on Frederick Tower - and the new in December antenna


Eagle Radio studios - 4104 Country Lane

Near I-29 and Frederick Ave needed a tower for its STL's so it made a deal with Roberts Towers as a cell site - see more pix of this tower on the non-cell page

WORK ON Water tower belt.jpg (41936 bytes) Belt water tower vert.JPG (925359 bytes) Belt water Tower SE Sidesm.JPG (571252 bytes)

Just before Christmas 2003 David Liles and Bill Mayfield, employees of National Steel Erectors of Muskogee, Okla., place antennas for wireless service...>>

...on the water tower on the North Belt Highway, just slightly North of Frederick Ave. (pix by JESSICA STEWART/St. Joseph News-Press) View as installed of the South East side
Belt water Tower East Sidesm.JPG (518409 bytes) Belt water Tower N Sidesm.JPG (534315 bytes) Belt at fred BEFORE CELL.JPG (607254 bytes)
East side of Belt Water tower Dec 2003 installation And the North side of the tower - but do not yet know which cell company. Here's a BEFORE pix of the North side - taken 11/10/03
Eagle medium.JPG (1789273 bytes) PA231546.JPG (844653 bytes) PA231545.JPG (839542 bytes)Eagle tippy top extreme closeup.JPG (790217 bytes)
Eagle Radio studios - 4104 Country Lane

look at all those 940 MHz STL's  FCC DATA HERE

Eagle Radio studios - 4104 Country Lane

Steve - it that a rotor on the yagi? or the STL?

Eagle Radio studios - 4104 Country Lane

Close-up of the actual cell antennas

PA231548.JPG (819491 bytes) PA231549.JPG (904054 bytes) PA231553.JPG (895359 bytes)
 5018 Frederick

Spectrasite location  near Heartland Hospital started just as Nextel, 160 ft tall.

5018 Frederick

Close-up of the antennas - and the birds!

5018 Frederick

Tower owner info - look at how BIG that "pole" is up close - its a FWT M98-1373

ATT from NE on Hillyard crop.jpg (98082 bytes) ATT Crop from NW.JPG (358130 bytes) Crop South Hillyard.JPG (213559 bytes) Hilly N side.JPG (780032 bytes)
Here's a sneaky downtown cell site for AT&T Wireless on the Hillyard Chemical Bldg - three sets of antennas - this is the SE one Two cropped views - they have it licensed but no marketing says AT&T is in town! KNLG535 Per FCC and also HERE but is probably used by US Cellular The antenna on the North Side of the Hillyard Building - the vertical antennas may be old TDMA cell also.
Hilly SW clup.JPG (757064 bytes) Cell Site Corby Bldg from NW.jpg (771482 bytes) Corby from abt 2 mi SW.JPG (238928 bytes)
The Cell antenna on the SW Corner of the Hillyard Building The Corby Bldg downtown is the tallest building in town and sports a Cingular cell site - this view from the NW Here's the Corby building cell site seen from about 2 Mi SW in Kansas
Cell Site Corby Bldg.jpg (781148 bytes) Old Mill from W Long.JPG (782562 bytes) Old Mill Sign cell.JPG (419208 bytes) Old Mill.JPG (827115 bytes)
The other side of the Corby Bldg Old Mill Nursery on 36th St just off Belt Hwy from West - with Global Towers proof sign  Old Mill Nursery close-up, looks like 3 cell co's
>GONE!!>Billboard N .JPG (843351 bytes)<GONE!!< >GONE!!>Billboard edge on.JPG (787379 bytes)<GONE!!< >GONE!!>Billboard base.JPG (849418 bytes)<GONE!!<
GONE FEB 2004: Less than 100 feet from the Old Mill site is an older Cingular Billboard Site right on the Belt Hiway - 806 S Belt GONE: 2/04: I know its Cingular as the Aquila power meter that goes to the xmtr at the base says "Cingular 806 S Belt" GONE Feb 2004: Here's the base - used to be down in a gully but the Old Mill sold off its land to a car dealer who paved the site
Cell Towers by KQ2.JPG (785639 bytes) KQ dishes 1 PA231560.JPG (826950 bytes) KQ a PA231564.JPG (877071 bytes)
That's the KQTV Tower at 4000 Faraon St on the left fringe with two cell towers North of it Lotsa dishes at KQTV 


KQTV top part of tower
KQ b PA231565.JPG (858915 bytes) KQ2 Souther Cell.JPG (866656 bytes) KQ2 Southern Base.JPG (851956 bytes)
Lotsa stuff on the KQTV Ch 2 Tower This is the older of the 2 closer to KQTV - started as a Nextel site Base of the tower at left - says American Portable Telecom - but is probably a US Cellular site
KQ2 Norther cell.JPG (834775 bytes) KQ2 North base.JPG (805021 bytes) Cell King Hill from E.jpg (690533 bytes)
The newer tower adjacent to KQTV (and taller) was put up about August 2003 as a US Cellular site. FCC INFO HERE See what it says Long Shot "316 Yale St" but at corner of First and Yale - one of these is Verizon KNKA772 -  FCC INFO HERE
Yale 2.JPG (2020604 bytes) Diag long 2.JPG (660140 bytes) Diagonal tight.JPG (657644 bytes)
First and Yale from below - close-up Roberts Towers - started as Sprint - just South of City Limits at 6801 Diagonal St 6801 Diagonal St  Close up - FCC INFO HERE
Diagonal sign.JPG (797229 bytes) _22nd Garfield vert.jpg (1238484 bytes) _22nd Garfield closeup PB301908.JPG (768819 bytes)
6801 Diagonal St Info Sign Cell tower at S 22nd St and Garfield - by behind the Heartland Motor Coach lot 22nd and Garfield close-up
22nd Garfield addr PB301912.JPG (861778 bytes) 22nd Garfield sign best.JPG (492557 bytes) 22nd Garfield frm bottom PB301913.JPG (800282 bytes)
22nd and Garfield properly known as 2215 Empire Lane and SWB probably means Cingular Cellxion is the tower owner or site owner. Looking up!
22nd Mason far.JPG (707965 bytes) 22nd Mason ATT Name.jpg (827281 bytes) 22nd and Mason ATT Callsign and eqip cabinet.jpg (808452 bytes)
A new Cell tower showed up at 22nd and Mason Rd in south Saint Joseph. ID tag says ATT. BUT there is not an AT&T wireless presence in town!! 22nd & Mason - aka 371 & 752 Highways

Here's the AT&T ID Tag and the City Inspection Sticker

22nd & Mason

The Callsign KNLG535 DOES check to AT&T Wireless, but it may be used by US Cellular

22nd Mason close.JPG (114003 bytes)    
22nd & Mason

Close-up of Antennas - not many by today's standards - near the Faith Valley Church

Also a few more pix of cell antennas on Midwest Mobile towers on the other page here.


73 pix - whew!

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