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Radio towers of St. Joseph Mo - ya gotta love them!

These are big yummy photos, presented as thumbnails. Will take a while to load. Click the thumbnails for big pix! They are presented on two pages - this one is general communications, and the other page in cell towers.

Non Cellular below:                        Cell towers CLICK HERE

3rd Hamburg closeup from S.jpg (872361 bytes) 3rd Hamburg sign.jpg (903158 bytes) 3rd Hamburg.jpg (797670 bytes)
3rd & Hamburg - a former long lines site? Now owned by Midwest Mobile Radio Service. What a great tower!  FCC Info HERE 3rd & Hamburg - See, they DO own it 3rd & Hamburg - Another angle
LEC Top with UHF Closeup From W.jpg (879015 bytes) LEC ALL.jpg (1700202 bytes) LEC Horiz beam.jpg (925591 bytes)
Top of the Law Enforcement Center (LEC)  at 501 Faraon in St. Joseph Mo. Freq info here also Sprint cell. LEC Tower in all its glory - look close. FCC INFO HERE LEC Tower - what's the Horizontal beam for - communicating with "City Yards?"
7th Broadway from E crop.JPG (675135 bytes) Hiway video yagi crop.JPG (415768 bytes) Antenna in tree.jpg (822219 bytes)
7th and Broadway up in the North End - Subcarrier, Inc. FCC Tower info Here, and  map info Here These 900 MHz yagi's point to the Hiway Patrol tower and apparently send data from the cameras mounted on crossarms on the Belt Hiway - but apparently no license is needed as they are spread spectrum Not everyone has big bucks - seen near Central High School!
LEC TOp Extreme closeup From W.jpg (854777 bytes) Hilly 4 non cell.JPG (823708 bytes) Cook Road flood xmtr.jpg (920204 bytes)
Extreme Close-up of 800 MHz (cell) antennas on LEC Tower - great work - you can even see the strain relief harness Four antennas on top of Hillyard building - what are they? What is the one on the right - might be old cellilar?? Water level reporting xmtr on Cook Rd - in the 154 MHz range?
Maxwell Rd City UHF cropped.JPG (473014 bytes) Hiway Patrol top crop.jpg (336677 bytes) P9201161.JPG (729783 bytes)
.5KM S OF JCT AMAZONIA & MAXWELL RD in NW St Joseph - current site of UHF PD/FD repeater - soon to be 800 MHz site (gives new meaning to the graveyard shift) - need better pix, FCC INFO Here Top of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop H 300' tower on the North Belt. The UHF on top is probably to pick up the mobile relays at Quitman and Martinsville. Note the main 42 MHz large antenna below that on the tower proper. FCC INFO HERE next section down the Highway Patrol tower...note the 4 element vhf antenna on the left with the lobes towards the tower! Seems like they should mount that on the other side of the tower - where the 2 2el low band antennas are??
P9201162.JPG (749661 bytes) P9201163.JPG (696076 bytes) P9201164.JPG (733464 bytes)
Moving down the Hiway patrol tower - an other gain VHF antenna And an omnidirectional vhf Note the UHF corner reflector - is that for the 456.xxx UHF Links up north?
P9201165.JPG (717781 bytes) P9201173.JPG (748312 bytes) P9201175.JPG (698702 bytes)
Almost to the bottom of the Highway Patrol tower - that looks like a Ringo Ranger on the right! A tower downtown with NOTHING on it !!! AARGHHH!  Here's a pulled back shot of the tower at the left - some irony - a tower with no antenna and a facade with no building!
P9201179.JPG (754820 bytes) P9201185.JPG (732801 bytes)
Here's the rusty tower at the OLD police Station - abandoned in the mid 1980's - one lone antenna on it By the way's it's for sale - tower included 


The next group of towers are all on the top of "devil's backbone" - a site managed by Midwest Mobile radio. (properly known as: 1720 S. 16th  Street, or 17th & Duncan St.). They recently replaced one of the towers, and there are now three - see sign at right. One 300 ft and another 240 ft guyed tower, and a 160 ft self supporting tower. Lots of good shots below - taken Sept 20, 2003.

Click below for what MMS says about each  the 300 ft towerthe 240 ft tower and the 160 self supporting monopole. Good info!!

P9201186 crop.JPG (1179473 bytes)

P9201188.JPG (739765 bytes) P9201190.JPG (758473 bytes)

All three from afar

Close-up of the 160 ft self-supporting - some are these cells The Middle one
P9201192.JPG (687645 bytes) P9201193.JPG (714310 bytes) P9201194.JPG (717540 bytes)
Sneaky little UHF on the side Closer view of the three Count the antennas - 18 or 20 or so!
P9201195.JPG (715563 bytes) P9201199.JPG (738767 bytes)
This one's a piker - only half a dozen - what's that square plate thing between the two segments? I may need to get a close-up up of it. I like this sign...almost scary!

(will it support a woman??)

Also on the same hill - but not part of the others. Not sure who this omni belongs to!
May 6 2003 P5060014.JPG (417047 bytes) P5060010.JPG (407142 bytes) P5060017.JPG (437058 bytes)
One tower was replaced in this complex by Structural Inspections Inc, out of Blue Springs, MO. Here is Jerry Case and another fearless climber on May 6, 2003 More from May 6, 2003 Four towers briefly - till the other one was taken down late in May, 2003
SJ185 sign.JPG (217034 bytes) SJ185 Base - cell info APT is USCELL.JPG (791281 bytes)  
At the base of the 185' tower with cell stuff on it American Portable Telecom is aka US Cellular - at the base of the 185' tower  


The South 42nd Street complex is very visible adjacent to I-29. It is Midwest Mobile Radio's major local presence. With three yummy towers it's hard to miss. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the antennas. Known as 3011 - 3401 S 42nd St and other similar addresses, its a major installation. Let's take a close-up look at these three towers. FCC INFO HERE

500 ft tower left then pole then smaller.jpg (738011 bytes)

top of 500 ft.jpg (816218 bytes)

Top of 500 view from East.jpg (766471 bytes)

Here's a long shot - and some of the technical details on this link Let's work our way from the top down on the big 500 foot tower Same tower as viewed from the East
middle of 500 ft - see horiz thing .jpg (775572 bytes) 500 couple dishes nr lower.jpg (769655 bytes) 50 ft array nr bottom.jpg (695398 bytes)
Moving down the tower - what's that horizontal thing - some sort of specialized cell antenna mount. Lotsa dishes near the middle We're not done yet - there's a lot here
500 ft another dish and a sneaky horiz.jpg (741184 bytes) closeup of cell monpole.jpg (764240 bytes) Top of smaller tower - note lowband dipoles.jpg (686706 bytes)
At the bottom of the 500 foot - what's that horizontal antenna - looks like a arrow!? Close-up of the monopole - probably the US Cellular - FCC INFO HERE And a few pix of the smaller tower - but it is chock full - even a low band folded dipole!
Middle of smaller tower - what's in th eradome.jpg (797144 bytes) middle of smaller - 800 mhz array.jpg (666648 bytes) Lower of smaller tower.jpg (760605 bytes)
Middle of smaller tower - what's inside the radome? Moving down... look at the beam above the array Lower part of smaller tower
P9201216.JPG (728971 bytes) Base from East.jpg (687981 bytes)
Dishes at the base - for paging, and program feeds to LPFM,  etc A view of the base from the East

Here's a few shots from the Heartland Hospital Site in East St. Joe

HHE 1 PA231555.JPG (937842 bytes) HHE 3 PA231557.JPG (976874 bytes) HHE 2 PA231556.JPG (844394 bytes)
Long Shot of Heartland East 5325 Faraon St, FCC INFO HERE Medium shot Heartland East 5325 Faraon Close-up of Heartland East 5325 Faraon
HHE from SSE 2nd fm top.JPG (849764 bytes) HHE from SSE 2nd fm top.JPG (849764 bytes)
Another view of Heartland East from the SSE 2nd from the top of the Heartland East tower
HHW Both better w gp.JPG (788278 bytes) HH West UHF.JPG (740627 bytes) HH West VHF.JPG (816252 bytes)
Heartland Hospital West, downtown in Oct 2003 - will be closed in a year or so - see 2 towers. Look at the little GP to the left of the right tower Heartland Hospital West UHF - formerly used by the MED 1 - 10 Ambulances, but no ambulances there anymore Heartland Hospital West VHF - FCC INFO HERE 
Conservation full.JPG (789990 bytes) TAKEN DOWN APRIL 2004! TAKEN DOWN APRIL 2004!Conservation top from W.JPG (958451 bytes) MW Radio from W.JPG (764953 bytes)
The Mo Dept of Conservation had a big tower on 36th St adjacent to Mark Youngdahl park - all 4 elements face East on their 151 MHz system The Mo Dept of Conservation top of the big tower on 36th Street


Midwest Mobile Radio is the top two way shop in the city. Here's their shop tower
MW Top.JPG (924234 bytes) KGMN AM.jpg (793560 bytes) KGMN AM base.jpg (946742 bytes)
Midwest Mobile Radio's top of their tower - lotsa control yagis. KGNM 1370 KHz AM Radio station on Leonard Rd. FCC INFO HERE Great tech info re this tower HERE KGNM 1270 KHz AM Radio station base of tower. aka Orama Inc. Great tech info re this tower HERE
KQ b PA231565.JPG (858915 bytes) KQ a PA231564.JPG (877071 bytes) KQ dishes 1 PA231560.JPG (826950 bytes)
Of Course the biggest tower in town is KQTV Channel 2. At 750 ft and over 50 years old its been the mainstay. KQTV is located at "40th and Faraon" - but there is no 40th street! Just one close-up midlevel. Here is the FCC data. Lotsa dishes at the base of KQTV
KQ Complex from NW.JPG (835136 bytes) KQTippy top.JPG (843632 bytes) KQ2nd from top.JPG (947289 bytes)
Here's a view of KQTV Ch 2 Tower and 2 cell towers - see the cell site page for more on them KQTV Operates on Ch 2 - the lowest channel at 54 MHz - often seen all over the USA But there's a lot of space on a 750 ft tower - tho wind loading is a big issue. It does need a paint job!
PA291659.JPG (801376 bytes) PA291664.JPG (843352 bytes) PA291662.JPG (832537 bytes)
KQTV - Just a lot of tower - and not really a lot of antennas. Could have something to do with that highly wind loaded "porta potty" dog house for the ENG 2 GHz equipment as reported by a former engineer.  100 KW Effective Radiated Power. 
135th far PA231559.JPG (725079 bytes) 135th near PA231558.JPG (967002 bytes) bad dish Legends.JPG (741774 bytes)
The 135th Signal Battalion operated a unit at St Joseph. Cool antennas here for their digital "cellular-like" stuff. The 135th Signal Battalion is located at Woodbine & Faraon - what freq is this antenna - somewhere  200-400 MHz UHF. Hmmm...
Hiway Dept.jpg (721785 bytes) river sat long.JPG (1210783 bytes) River sat.JPG (1055893 bytes)
MODOT aka Mo Highway Dept has a district office at N Belt - here is their roofline with 151.13, 156.xx and control 900 MHz stuff On the Missouri River at St. Joe just by the (rusty!) Railroad Swing bridge there is a satellite antenna that sends the river gauge info. It transmits blind every 20 mins or so near 400 MHz to a satellite that listens for it. I need to take a freq counter to it.
BNRR Long crop.JPG (355315 bytes) bnrr close crop.JPG (222997 bytes) 3 yagi bnrr or mge.JPG (744056 bytes)
The Burlington Northern RR has a facility at Florence Road Here's close-up of the BNRR tower BNRR at Florence Road. Never seen a 3x3 bay! Reported to be SCADA - 900 MHz Railroad systems
King hill all.JPG (2371629 bytes) Catv long crop.JPG (441900 bytes) Cable Base.JPG (819307 bytes)
In the South End of town King Hill overlooks the entire flood plain - and about 20,000 people. This tower has city   FD and PD 460 MHz and another one. The Cable TV Tower is way out in the SE Corner of town on Pickett Road The Cablevision tower is sort of "out in a cornfield" SE of town
Cable top.JPG (841182 bytes) Cable 2nd from top.JPG (819793 bytes) Cable mesh dish.JPG (790756 bytes)
Starting at the top of the Cablevision tower - the vertical antenna on the very top is for ITFS 2500 MHz video in conjunction with MWSC - reported as WLX668 tho does not show in the FCC ULS on-line database. Cablevision tower - the main TV receive antennas are pointing generally South to Kansas City. Look closely at the UHF mesh dish - almost hard to see There 'tis - Mo Dept of Conservation repeaters also reported on the tower - see here
Cable more.JPG (811264 bytes) Cable radome.JPG (905119 bytes) PA291650.JPG (806794 bytes)
More of Cablevision Radome to the North - used to feed their Savannah system - replaced by fiber now? A great tower
WRDCC Antennas.JPG (784756 bytes) WRDCC Closeup better.JPG (496886 bytes) Herzog Concrete - izzit an antenna.JPG (866625 bytes)
Look Closely at the 6 Antennas - 5 UHF repeaters and 1 VHF simplex on the parapet at the local Prison - WRDCC.  I'm not sure the UHF are legally licensed. See HERE Here's a better close-up of the WRDCC antenna lineup This is on the Herzog Concrete plant - is it an antenna? I don't think so but...
ANR tower vert.JPG (679120 bytes) ANR Top clup.jpg (857818 bytes) Elwood City Hall cropped.JPG (971304 bytes)
This used to be known as ANR Pipeline - an office East of the Belt on Oakland Circle - but no ID on the office now? Here's the top of the ANR - it used to be a microwave to lo-band hookup Elwood KS is just across the Missouri River from St Joseph - a town of about 1,000.  Here is their City Hall installation.
Airport tower 1.JPG (768419 bytes) Airport tower clup.JPG (789442 bytes) Airport midfield clup.JPG (517323 bytes)
Rosecrans Airport is legally in Missouri, but to get there you have to drive thru Kansas. Here is the airport tower. Little bit closer look at the tower - it is staffed by members of the 139th Air National Guard Base adjacent, but owned by the City of St Joseph Here's some of the aero antennas across the field at Rosecrans
Rosecrans Southmost pointing South crop.JPG (217191 bytes) Rosecrans 1.JPG (794010 bytes) Rosecrans base 2.JPG (880281 bytes)
These two vertical yagis are at the Southernmost point of the Rosecrans property. Reported to be SCADA control for a Pipeline. There are lots of antennas at Rosecrans ANG Base - and I'm not going to put many here  A few antennas at Rosecrans ANG Base - and I'm not going to put many here.
WX Reporter1.JPG (795691 bytes) WX Reporter 3.jpg (862832 bytes) WX Reporter 2.JPG (779241 bytes)
Just off US-36 and the 10th St exit is a road temp and weather reporting facility for MODOT - but no  RF comes from it. Obviously it measures wind and visibility - used to monitor conditions on the adjacent Pony Express Bridges. Click HERE for details Busy little post - but connected via leased line to MODOT and Roadweather.com but no RF :-(

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